My little J Baby has turned 1! J Baby was taking steps on his birthday but only enough to get from one piece of furniture to another. About two weeks ago he started WALKING! My little man is getting so big. He takes the cutest high stepping steps, especially when he has on shoes. I have also taught him to sign “milk” when he wants to nurse. It’s the cutest thing; he often raises both hands above his head and uses both hands to sign. I love it! He can say, mama, mom, dada, bye, and hi. He also waves hello and goodbye. He’s so smart. He has started to grab books and sit and flip through the pages all on his own.  He loves to climb all over everything; I can’t ever turn my back to my little J Baby. If I did he would be on top of the table, the bookshelf, the entertainment center, who knows what else haha!  J Baby loves to snuggle. If I lie down in the floor he will come lay right on my face, or climb on my back and lay right on top of me. He’s so sweet. He’s a big helper too. When mommy does laundry he likes to help me. He pushes the basket from the laundry room to the wherever we plan on folding it. He then proceeds to empty the basket or put the clothes on his head and “hide” under it; His little way of playing peek-a-boo.  He babbles all the time.  I really think it won’t be long until he is saying all sorts of words or maybe even sentences. He loves to clap along to any music he hears, he also sways along to the beat.  He has almost all of his baby teeth, he’s teething right now about to pop his cuspids into place. He’s learning to use those little chompers too. He’s been a picky little boy only wanting crunchy or smooth pureed foods, but he’s starting to branch out to foods with more texture. Too cute! Love my little man!

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