So i have been trying to work on projects that i have had on the back burner for a while. Its not an easy task. For one, my sewing room aka laundry room/piano room/junk filled room is not baby friendly nor is it in line of sight to a room that is baby friendly. Two, J Baby has been so clingy lately i can barely clean my house much less do anything else. Three, his sleep schedule has been crazy. He goes to sleep on time usually, around 8. His naps got out of whack when we had VBS at church and he couldn't get his morning nap in and it threw the whole week off, sleep wise, when he didn't get a nap until noon. Not good when he normally naps once at like 10am then again at 2pm or so. This makes for a grumpy baby. It also makes it super hard to get things done. So what have we been doing? playing, snuggling, and trying to get some baby play time in so mommy can at least get one chore a day done.

My projects that have been on the back burner include several things; Painting bulletin boards for AWANA, painting old ugly picture frames from ugly wood  & gold to beautiful renewed and white, sewing several wet-bags, making UnPaper Towels for my kitchen, making a gift for my mom...that was supposed to be done by mothers day....(don't worry, she got something else), finishing up my cloth wipes, and starting and finishing my nephews birthday present which is a growth chart for the wall (his birthday was in february, oh dear!). I am trying to catch up, one project at a time.

So... i started the other day. I got inspired by J Baby's Old white crib sheet. Its getting dingy on top and doesn't really pop in his room. My idea, a fresh new bright orange with white polka dots sheet! I pinned a post a while back about a crib sheet tutorial so i decided i would give it a try. I had a 40% off coupon and used it to get my orange/white dots fabric from the halloween fabric section+. I used this tutorial from Made, and it turned out beautiful!

Starting and finishing my project for J Baby's crib sheet inspired me. It feels good to make something and have the pride to say, "I did that!" So i started my sister-in-law's baby gift the other day, a wonderful wet/dry bag for all those cloth diapers we both love. I started and finished it but now i have to take the top zipper back off and re-do it. It looks good except for that, and I cannot leave it. It does not look up to par and I cannot send it that way. So my goal for tonight is to get that zipper off and try again with a longer more appropriate zipper. I somehow grabbed the wrong size the first time. This made for not enough zipper for the size opening i had. The picture of my wet-bag is below, her's is made exactly the same as this one, only with different fabric. I will post a pic of it when I'm finished.

I was able to get some painting done this afternoon while J Baby took a nap. I painted a few of my ugly yard sale picture frames. They went from ugly to very white and lovely. I think they're going to look really good with pics in them on my light gray walls in my bedroom. Yay! I feel kind of accomplished today. haha. I also painted the frame of one of the bulletin boards for AWANA. Getting things done feels good, but then i think of the list of things i still need to do, and its overwhelming. Oh well, one thing at a time :)
7/31/2012 09:48:32 pm

Love your site so far! And love the pic!! I am a FTM and a blogger (found you after your comment on the Bump last night). I'm planning on cloth diapering once baby is here and I love your wet bags! There's one of the last things I have to get! I thought about making my own crib bedding to save money and think you may have just inspired me!! Looking forward to more posts!


8/13/2012 07:33:28 am

So happy you like it, and that i have inspired you! I really enjoyed designing my own bedding. I couldn't find anything i liked so it was a pretty easy decision.

8/9/2012 12:57:32 am

You are so crafty! I have a sewing machine that has remained in its unopened box for the past 8 years when my parents gifted it to me. Now I'm thinking I may attempt a project of my own. I've been too intimidated in the past but you make it sound easy. Take care. Cece (the bump). www.pinchtogrowaninch.com

8/13/2012 07:38:49 am

It is easy for the most part. I try not to take on anything too complicated though. I hope you do get that sewing machine out soon. It's so much fun and creating things on your own just makes you feel good! Thanks for reading!


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