My DIY Cloth Wipes
I have made several cloth wipes to use with my cloth diapers. Its silly to me not to use cloth wipes along with your cloth diapers. It never failed i would get a disposable wipe in my wetbag and then in my washer... then it was a lent festival. Picking all of the fuzziness out of all the Hook & Loop tabs is frustrating. My solution mostly up-cycled cloth wipes. I used mostly flannel, either from receiving blankets or pajama pants. The pictures i am going to show you are terry cloth i had left over from another project. Another great solution for a cloth wipe without the sewing is baby washcloths. I recently found them on clearance for 10 washcloths for $4! I have tried two layer vs. one layer flannel and really like two layer best. When i tried one layer i simply cut them to my desired size with pinking shears and left the edges raw. In this How To i will show you how to make a finished edge two layer wipe.

  • First, cut your fabric. With my receiving blankets i cut it in half, in half and in half again until i got several squares. No measuring required!

  • Place two pieces print sides together, like so. Make sure you line up your edges. You can use pins if you want to, i did not i just end up stabbing myself with them :)

  • Sew a line ALMOST all the way around until your about two inches from the end. Leave that last two inches open so you can flip it inside out.

  • Begin sewing a line to close up your two inch opening. This is also called Top Stitching. Sew a line all the way around the square or rectangle. I use my presser foot as a guide. I line up the fabric with the side of the foot and use that as my guide all the way around, that way its even and neat looking. Don't forget to back stitch at the beginning and the end :)

I do not have a serger or that would have probably been sufficient with little effort. I do like having a finished edge better than a serged more raw edge. I tried using a zigzag stitch on the smallest setting but i just did not like it. Was not up to my standards i guess, LOL!

Now go and be creative Mommy!
7/6/2013 05:29:32 pm

yes - serger would have been a cinche - Still an awesome project though Mom!


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