When Baby J was about two months old we started cloth diapering. In the beginning it was only during the day. I had gotten plenty of diapers at the baby shower and didn't have to buy any for a very long time. I was actually able to return some of my disposable packages and with my store credit I bought the start of my gDiaper stash.  My stash started with KaWaii Newborn pockets and gDiapers. It wasn't until I started running out of disposables that I thought I might go for nighttime cloth diapering as well. I shuddered at the thought of paying full price for a pack of diapers, even with a coupon they're expensive.

My go to diapers are still my gDiapers but my stash has changed and fluctuated a lot in a year. I joined some swaps on FB and began trying different brands that way. I became addicted and tried quite a few, they're just so cute! My diaper stash now consists of several gDiapers, 12 Thirsties DUO AIO, a BabyBabu Pocket, theDiaperAddict AI2, 3 Flips, a Snuglibebe AI2, and a FuzziBunz OS Pocket. I have tried BumGenius 4.0 and Grovia AIO but did not like their fit on J Baby.

My gDiapers are my favorite. They make for an adorable little gBum. I have mostly mediums and they fit my 20 lb, 31" baby quite well. The only issue I've ever had is with the snap in pouch. Not a huge deal but every now and then the snaps will rub his hips until they leave little scabby marks :( usually if I keep him lotioned right there it's not a big deal. I think I may try adding fleece to the tops of the snaps to see if that solves that issue. I've only used the g's a few times at night and not had lots of issues. It seems that when I add inserts its too bulky and doesn't seal as well creating more of a leak issue.  I use my Thirties AIO at night mainly but have enough for daily use. I also have their hemp/cotton blend booster insert that I sometimes use at night as well.

I love fluff!

3/29/2013 03:22:38 pm

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