Dirty diaper laundry was the one thing i dreaded about cloth diapering. Once i got started it was not nearly as terrible as i had imagined it to be. I'm going to go through my routine starting with a diaper change.

Once a diaper is soiled I place it in the wet-bag I keep hanging on the door knob. If its a poo diaper I swish it in the toilet then place it in the wet-bag. Hubby did just install a DIY diaper sprayer, the tutorial can be found on another blog by clicking (here). I have only used it once but it seems to be a great tool.  Of course with my gDiapers I only throw the gCloth in the wet-bag for pee diapers and for poo diapers the pouch and the gCloth usually go in the wet-bag. This will depend on if the pouch is soiled of course. gPants only get washed when they are soiled from a leak or just in need of a wash. I usually do diaper laundry every 2-3 days. I start with a cold rinse on the largest load size setting. Using Cloth Diaper safe detergent, which you can find rated (here), I start my Warm or Hot wash on the longest wash time followed by two cold rinses. I then either hang to dry or throw them in the dryer. I try to hang dry as much as I can. This of course will save your electricity bill but will also help your diapers last longer and keep your gPants from fading. Sunning your diapers and inserts will also help get rid of stains by naturally bleaching them with sunlight :) no chemicals for baby's bum!

7/8/2012 08:01:32 am

Enjoying your blog! After CDing for a while, you really don't even notice the extra laundry. A diaper sprayer makes life SO MUCH EASIER is the # 1 lesson I've learned!!


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