So I went to a CD store in the market for some BetterFit Prefolds. The sales lady convinced me otherwise, idk how but she did. I LOVED my infant size BetterFit Prefolds so I should have known better. Anyway I ended up with a dozen regular GIANT Prefolds. Needless to say, with my wiggly little one it takes way too much time to get her into a normal Prefold and cover. So today's task is to alter these bad boys so they will be useful instead of taking up storage space.

I used a regular size insert as my guide.

Using a regular insert as my guide I cut the Prefolds down to the size I needed. The scrap at the end makes the perfect doubler size! Bonus!

I then used a basic ZigZag Stitch along with a Overlock Stitch to sew up the edges.

TaDa! Now I have a dozen insert sized Prefolds that I can pad fold into my covers or gPants. Plus a dozen doublers. Yay!


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