gDiapers are a hybrid diaper. This means you can use them with gCloth inserts or their gRefills. I mostly use the gCloth inserts. gCloth inserts are a layered insert, they have micro fleece on top and a hemp/cotton blend backing. They are super absorbent and i love them. You can also use a gCloth Liner with the gCloth. This is a flushable liner that goes on top of the gCloth in gPant pouch. This will make cleaning up those poo diapers much easier on you. The gRefill is a disposable insert. It is flushable and compostable!

They are trim fitting on my little one, and the colors are super cute. I don't have any of the prints but they are super cute too! I do have a couple embroidered gPants from gs.by.Me, she does an excellent job.To the left is a picture of my custom g from gs.by.Me. At the bottom it says "Just dropped a load", LOL, that was my idea! I'm pretty proud of that one.

As i have mentioned in a previous post the only complaint i have with the gDiaper is that the snaps rub J Baby until there is a small scab. I can normally take care of this by putting lotion on him before i diaper him, but with a squirmy baby that's not always possible. I think they need to come up with a solution for this flaw. Maybe covering the snap on the gPouch with micro fleece, or at least that's what my solution for it is going to be when i make time to do this project. I have 12+ gPouches so it will take a bit of time.  It does not do this on all babies either, my sister used g's for quite a while too and never had this issue. Her babies were a bit more pudgy than J Baby though.

Below are pictures showing each part of a gDiaper and how you would put it together. You will also see the inserts and liner.

_______________gPant______________________________ gPant with snap in pouch_____
___________gRefill_____________________gCloth__________________gCloth Liner________
As you can clearly see above the gRefill is quite a bit larger than the gCloth. The gRefill is purposefully made larger. It is made to round out your gPant for a better fit on your little one, as you can see below it creates a "U" shape. The extra bit on each side helps keep your gPouch clean as well. I have found my pouch stays much cleaner with poo messes when using the gRefills than it does with the gCloth. The pouch does get poo on it sometimes no matter which insert you use, which does cause staining if it is not rinsed right away. Staining on the pouch does not affect the use of the pouch, its just not pretty. gCloth are easy to use and clean up easily. Below you can see that it also forms the gPant into a "U" shape for the perfect fit.
__________gRefill_______________________________gCloth________________________gCloth Liner___________
Dont forget to use your Laundry tabs! On all gPants they have hook & loop tabs. These tabs are used to fold over when doing laundry. This keeps your gPants from sticking to each other or anything else you may be washing with them. When not used they could stick to other parts of the gPant and cause fraying.

gLaundry isn't too bad either. You only have to wash the gPant when it gets soiled. The gPouch doesn't have to be changed after every diaper change either. It only needs wiped out after a pee diaper and only if it gets poo on it does it need to be washed. I rinse mine with my diaper sprayer, then toss in the wetbag with the gCloth.

Overall, I LOVE my g's! They're versatile and pretty darn cute. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in cloth diapering but still wanting a disposable option for daycare or dads. Plus, gBum's are too cute!

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